Javier Perez

Javier Perez

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23 Apr 2020

About me and this website

Hello there! Welcome to my personal blog!

Who am I?

  • I’m Javier Perez, born in Malaga (Spain) in 1978.
  • I love motorbikes, watching good movies, travelling, cooking, writing, creating and learning.
  • I lived 20 years in Madrid, and since 2018 I am a very happy citizen of Zürich (Switzerland).
  • I work as developer since I was 17.
  • I like business and I hope to do some MBA soon.

Why do I write this personal blog?

  • I love writing!
  • I want to improve my english, and one way to achieve this is writing. Please, tell me if I make any mistake!
  • I like to share my knowledge because I learnt a lot thanks to people who shared their knowledge.
  • I’m a little bit an exhibitionist :-P

What can you find here?

Well, this is a personal blog, so, yes, my personal stuffs…

  • My lifestyle: motorbikes, football/soccer (Atlético de Madrid / LaLiga), events, funny things…
  • My learnings/mistakes: so you can learn from them, or make the same mistakes… up to you!
  • My trips: I’ll try to document all my trips here.
  • My recipes: I love cooking, and I love to create my own recipes. You will find them here.
  • Movies reviews: I love cinema as art, also as a simple entertainment.

What you can find about me in other places?

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

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